Pet ID Tag Metal Dog Bone Tags (Nickel) HAND ENGRAVED BOTH SIDES FREE

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Pet ID Tag Metal Dog Bone Tags (Nickel) HAND ENGRAVED BOTH SIDES FREE
Our pet id tags comes with a split ring to attach to a collar, bag or even children. Our hand engraving leaves a much deeper indentation that machine stamped tags so they last much longer. We can personalise each disc to your requirements using upper and lower case where desired and can fit full addresses, names, or special medical or feeding details on them. We do not charge per letter, word or even side so as long as it fits on we will engrave your disc with whatever you want for no extra cost. Please keep in mind the more you want on the discs the smaller the writing will be. We can also add finishing touches such as hearts, paw prints, bones, fish bones, stars, suns, smiley faces etc or just simple but attractive underlining.

If you purchase one of our discs, please message us with the details of what you wish to be engraved on your disc and state if you have a preference of lower case or upper case and what you would like on each side. Otherwise we will contact you to request the details.

If fancy something different drawn or added please message and we will see what we can do. We have in the past copied artwork, sign writing etc and even drawn dinosaurs and cats on the tags. Feel free to ask and we will give any ideas a go.
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