Lucky Buddha Charm Key Rings Luck Wealth Health Prosperity Love Career Feng Shui

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Lucky Buddha Charm Key Rings Luck Wealth Health Prosperity Love Career Feng Shui
These adorable key rings are made from a red rosewood effect resin and come with a strong ring to hold keys and lucky knotted chinese cord and beads. they measure approx 3-5cm body size and the total length of the key rings including Buddha, String and ring is approx 15cm.Take a little Buddha everywhere you go! They will help you remember important life lessons, no matter where you are.In Chinese culture, the Laughing Buddha is considered a man of good and loving character and his image represents contentment, happiness, good luck and abundance. The statue is also believed to be a Feng Shui symbol that brings prosperity to one's life.Happy Buddha, also known as Budai or Hotei, represents contentment and happiness. Buddha represents goodness, kindness, compassion and generosity and ancient Asian beliefs state that the presence of his form is believed to bring happiness and good luck to those who see and touch him.It is believed the effectiveness of these charms are significantly increased if they are gifted to someone with love and so it is said that if you give one of these charms to a friend or family member their powers will be even greater.Each key ring will be presented in a lucky red mesh drawstring bag.PLEASE SEE BELOW THE MYSTICAL MEANING OF EACH BUDDHA:Wealth LUCK Buddha:This Buddha is ideal for bringing a touch of luck & wealth in times of despair. The Buddha in this statue is holding a lucky money bag in his right hand, symbolizing wealth and prosperity. Happiness Sitting Buddha: Happy Buddha traditionally thought to bring luck and wealth. It is believed that rubbing Buddhas head beings good health whilst rubbing his tummy brings good luck. PROSPEROUS LIFE Buddha:Laughing Buddha signifies all the elements of a happy life, representing robust health, prosperity, and happiness. The laughing Buddha is actually one of the most revered historical figures in Chinese Buddhism. LUCKY Walking Buddha:To bring good luck and good fortune upon ones travels and journey through life. Health and prosperity Buddha:A symbol to bring happiness, wealth, prosperity and health. Hear NO EVIL, Speak NO EVIL & See NO EVIL:Represents the philosophy of keeping negative influences out of the mind,, these three Buddha's are a joyful reminder; stay positive! Praying/Meditating Buddha:To bring pure peace, calm and serenity.Buddha on lucky three legged toad;In Chinese mythology the three legged toad brings tremendous good fortune and luck as well as money and wealth. In ancient mythology the toad would take his owner anywhere in the past or future and created a feeling of health and happiness.
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